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Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Sunday, June 26, 2005

the simple life

soia euro tour 391
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Dark streets, carry me home now and I've stayed too long. We're brave men to sip the stars dry and leave sleep alone. I've built this house out of a fate-driven dream, and these walls aren't what they seemed. Light breaks against, and I can't follow you down. Hurt stays when the work is over, and we've stayed too long. I'll save what memory lends me, when these days are gone.
-chamberlain, fates got a driver

Thursday, June 23, 2005

more like boraphyll

this is what happens when you are a dick.
karma is a bitch.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

better put some water on that damn shit

ok. this is the best photo ive taken....ever.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

for those who fear tomorrow

colin and i are listening to integrity
therefore ill post a picture of a snail and a dog.
get ross.

Friday, June 17, 2005

jury duty sucks

i wish i was here

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

new shoes

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your thoughts on the green?
vegan none the less, still dunno bout that green though.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

when the goin gets tough, the van breaks down.

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heres an entry dedicated to all the breakdowns aquired on the road. being on tour since about 2002 means that iv ebeen so many places, so many times, and have been broken down on the side of the road more times that i can even remember. heres a few that were documented when i had a camera handy and remembered to take a picture. so many times sayin" this will be funny when we look back on it". aint that the truth. enjoy our misery. i will admit ive ha d a couple of chuckles lookin back on some of these, but i dunno if its cause it was funny, or just plain sad. either way i wouldnt have wanted it any other way, well, except havin to pay for all the repairs, that did suck ass.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

skeleton walks into a bar, says gimmie a drink and a mop.

cruise 104
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well heres some photos from when the family took a cruise out to pureto rico, bahamas, and some other places that my awful memory cant remember. a colllection of flowers, fisha nd fun. notice the CBA doing a pool shot during put-put on the boat. pure anarchy. this is the trip where i first aquired the wide andgle lens and was still figuring out how to use the camera(i still dunno how really). this is also when i aquired my ipod. and the CBA got his first mac. what a trip. get ready for cruise pics v3.0 this winter. im excited

Monday, June 06, 2005

coney must be fifty to a hundred miles from here...

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so yesterday we hit up coney island, we have access to a car so we took atvantage and hit up the beach. there are some sweet pawn shop/antique booth things out there where crackheads sell off some cool stuff. ofcourse when we get there, its closed. anyhow, ive never ridden the cyclone, and i was out to do it. so the crew of myself , danielle, lynn and her 2 roomies spent about an hour or so finding parking. keep in mind coney island is usually NEVER busy, but it was the first hot day of the year, so it was packed. once parked we hit up the nathans for another hour of waiting for some french fries, then it was off to the wonder wheel and cyclone. soon after i felt like i had been in a car accident, and decided to hang on the beach for a bit, hit up target, then cow on some burritos. all in all it was an awesome sunday. we need a car.

Friday, June 03, 2005

more from the other side of the world

aussie 274
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heres a few more form the aussie/new zealand excursion. the one on the right was an overlook in new zealand, one of the first places we went. there were tons of wood carven warriors, all naked with big hardons. pretty strange. and yes, there are plenty of pics of everyone in the band takin turns with the typical"hey im jerkin off the statue"pose. i wonder how many people a year do that in the park. the first pic below is of the sydney opera house, you can scale up the bridge arcoss from it, but it cost "heaps" so we just opted to take some pictures insted. one of the best times of the tour was when we were in brisbane,we went to a wildlife preserve, we got to feed the kangaroos. "never in a million years" came out of my mouth about twenty times. i have no idea what kind of bird i photographed but the lighting was cool so there ya go. and the surf off the coast of byron bay was simply breathtaking. oh yea, i attempted to surf, no dice.anyhow, on a diffrent note, i just insatlled 2 gigs of ram on my imac g5. i love this thing. over and out.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

crush all fakes

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so on sunday i witnessed the first band in a long time to make a huge impact on my life, play thier last show. as much as this show was a bumout for me, it was also a great fucking time. got ross for a little bit, took some pictures, and soaked up some insperation for a few years to follow. everyone there knows what im talkin about when i say that if the promise had to go out, this was the way to do it. they will be missed, but not forgotten.

summer of rage

petatour 133
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so the past few days ive spent in syracuse. went up to see the last promise show. and ended up staying a while with my good buddy brian heck. times were spent playing badmitton(i am the new champion), eating pizza, and enjoying life. so todays picture is of mr heck from when we were on tour in miami. it was one of those times you hop in the ocean and its cold as balls but once youre in, its not so bad. i didnt wanna leave.
also check out the muscle definition in brains arms. hes serious about fitness. tomorrow i should have some of the promise photos upleaded for your viewing pleasure.