Bane , H20 , Cruel Hand , and Energy in Atlanta!

“I can still see the reasons that I opened my eyes to this scene in the first place.
I can still feel my beleifs growing stronger – stronger everyday.
I can still count the ways but for you its all over.
The feeling is gone and you’re moving on and tearing us down with you.
You’ve shed your past.
Grown up fast, demanding that we all mature at your pace.
But here I’ll remain refusing to change remembering when we were the same.
I support your decision,
I believe in change and hope you find just what it is that you are looking for.
But when you sit around and talk shit about everything
that you once based your whole life on,
well that is where you can count me out.
Because I will be here tomorrow, and I will be here next year.
just like this X on the back of my hand, I’m not going nowhere.”

Energy started off the show-

cruel hand got the mosh started!-


H20 go!!!

and BANE set it off for the end of the night!-

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6 Responses to Bane , H20 , Cruel Hand , and Energy in Atlanta!

  1. Ken says:

    As always, awesome pics Matt. Fun Show. Bane was incredible. Big props for them sticking up for kids being manhandled by the bouncers.

  2. tony says:

    Super fun show, bouncers be damned.

  3. xADAMx Sexton says:

    this was by far worth the 7 hour drive.

    i even got a spot in a pic!!!!

  4. Cheyenne says:

    Superbly iluilmnating data here, thanks!

  5. and if we are lucky, a decent percentage of any Future Sale of Pato. Among the fans,opinion on Pato’s exit is still divided,Some wanted him to be given another chance while others can’t wait to forget

  6. Yeah that’s what I’m talking about baby–nice work!

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