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the five mile grace – a matthew miller photography joint bio picture

Welcome to my Blog!

It started and ended very quickly. I took a photography course my junior year at North Gwinnett High school. 2 weeks later I was kicked out, and thats what I thought would the end of my interest of photography. Anyhow, many years later I found myself embarking on my first tour out of the country to Europe with my band ,Most Precious Blood, and for the trip, my mother bought me my first digital camera.I wanted to document every part of the journey(little did i know that i would tour europe a total of five times in the coming years).

Its been almost 6 years since that tour. I have traveled all over the US more times than I can remember.I've been overseas to Brazil, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, and all over Europe. Now I've dropped anchor after living in Brooklyn NY and doing the band full time, I bought a house with my lovely lady(and amazing tattooer) Danielle.We have two midget vegan pitbull puppies named Trainwreck and Justice. We just bought a beautiful home in East Atlanta Georgia. Life is really looking good these days.

I created this blog to show the kind of Photography that I have been doing recently, and also to have a platform to show what is going on in my life. I am available for hire when im not working with the best damn wedding photographers in Atlanta at OUR LABOR OF LOVE. Please get in touch or leave me a comment if you like what you see, or you want to set up a shoot.


matt- [email protected]

Monthly Archives: May 2009

hot pink poo.

yes. this is my good friend tara. she runs a rad hand-made jewelry business named HOT PINK POO. she also hit me up to shoot some flicks for her hubby as a gift. this was to be a mostly outdoor shoot, we got maybe 3 minutes in and it started to fucking POUR! we made the best of it and came away with some freaking amazing shots. im stoked!

tony f’n price

tony has been my right hand man since highschool. dude was in my car for my first wreck, skated everyday for years on end, i was in his wedding, and now he and his wife jill are about to have their first child! im super proud to still be one of his best friends. we snapped some photos to go along with my soon-to-be wifes tattoo portfolio at ONLY YOU TATTOO. it has been a while since we went skateboarding but it felt like we never skipped a beat once we were on the streets again. tony is also the man behind my logo and alot of the design stuff that goes along with my photography. check out his stuff HERE!

burning fight – california

after the shows in chicago, i didnt think the week could get any better, i was WRONG. i got to hang with my homie rob and his wife diana and their 2 amazing pugs. ate insane amounts of vegan food and enjoyed the beautiful san diego weather. there was a secret show at the che cafe, it holds about 200 or so people….and about 500 were in line. the show was insane and i had to hide behind the drums et with my camera on a monopod just so i wouldnt get destroyed! the 2nd show was at the glasshouse and that venue holds about 1200 people, the show was sold out and was fucking intense. every band gave it their all and it was the perfect send off for unbroken. im a bit sad knowing that its the last time ill get to see alot of these bands, but the whole experience really got me thinking about what was so special about that period of time that these bands were around. it brought back lots of memories and redefined all of the things i learned through this scene and made me realize that there are still tons of people on the same page. thanks you again so much to everyone involved in the past 2 weekends.

here is a link to almost every photo i took at the burning fight shows, they are a quick, harsh edit, but i wanted to share them so everyone could see the intensity of these shows. – CLICK HERE!

undertow @ che cafe

unbroken @ che cafe

threadbare @ glasshouse

swing kids @ glasshouse


unbroken @ glasshouse