i mean really…. how cute is little Astrid??

growing up in the punk/hardcore music scene here in atlanta has given me the luxury of meeting and befriending some of the most creative and interesting people ive had the pleasure of knowing in all of my travels. one of those people is james joyce. he played drums in one of my favorite bands from the 90s… car vs. driver( he currently plays in the band Noot d’ Noot) . He recently came to get he daughter Astrid’s footprints tattooed on his chest by my fiance, danielle. he also mentioned that he and his wife sue were interested in getting some family portraits made. so a few moths later we met up in decatur and made some photos. james also runs a pretty rad blog that has the history of atlanta punk rock and where the members of those bands went. its a fantastic look into the atlanta punk scene – check it out HERE and the crazy atlanta band genome project is HERE.

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