aye…..im gettin married ova here!!

Matt and Pam’s wedding took place in Hollis, Queens (like in the run-dmc xmas song!!). Everything about this wedding freakin ruled. From the homemade (by pam’s mom) vegan grooms cake with a computer and a guitar on top, to the half jewish/half catholic ceremony, to the amazing dance party that followed. It was nearly impossible to get these guys to stop smiling(not that i even wanted them to). you could really tell that they were so in love with each other and that everyone at the wedding was so happy for them. thanks guys for having me along for the ride!

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4 Responses to aye…..im gettin married ova here!!

  1. this wedding looks like a whole lot of fun! good job capturing it matt!
    i love the shot of the little girl with the bubbles.

  2. tara says:

    ..so beautiful!! i am crying all over again here.

  3. Lesley says:

    perfect, as always.

  4. Charlene Aviles says:

    Evan’s photos were the best wedding photos I have ever seen in my life!! Phenomenal! You totally captured the feeling of the people in the pictures in a beautiful and creative way. I could feel it and I wasn’t even there! I wish I knew about you when I got married!

    a coworker of Evan’s

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