olive oil aint just for cookin no mo

this is how to make a shitty, cold, snowy day better.
1. go on ebay
2. but an old skateboard.
3. recieve said skateboard only to see that its not black anymore but a shitty grey.
4. go to the corner deli and buy some olive oil.
5. put municipal waste on itunes.
6. rub down the deck with olive oil.
7. mosh to municipal waste.
8. get stoked that your board looks 1000000 times better
9. brag about it
10. look on ebay for more board that look shitty and buy them cheap cuz now you know how to bring back the lifew in them!!

ps. i leave for brazil in a week
fucking amazing

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4 Responses to olive oil aint just for cookin no mo

  1. Carter says:

    Per Welinder. Sick!

    (By the way, are you sure the oil won’t damage the finish in the long run?)


  2. tony says:

    lookin good! stupid blogger fucked up my last comment.

  3. TWOFOUR says:

    olive oil is fer drinkin’ not fer rubbin’.

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